Perceptive Development: my passion!

A little background information...

It is primary a body-centred technique designed to help you feel less pain, release stress, tune the body and mind and enable gentle lasting change. It can help you to cope better with the natural changes that life presents, and to reconnect with the natural flow of your life.
These techniques have been developed by Danis Bois  and his team over the last 35 years. The research regarding the Perceptive Development has lead to numerous thesis which can be accessed from the CERAP website.


The Sensory Body

This method is an holistic approach to the individual. It responds to the subtle flow of movements present in your body and follow their natural rhythm.

Through this process, the person can develop an intimate relationship with itself where its potential can be revealed while in contact with its perceptions

We call this body " the Sensory Body".


What are the benefits ?

  • To release pain and body tension,
  • To develop confidence, serenity, creativity,
  • To reconcile with your capacity to learn, communicate 
  • To put oneself forward, to be part of a group without being destabilised,
  • To be prepared to face difficult situations:  giving Birth, exams, interviews....
  • To meet your full potential, enrich your actions, embrace new goals,
  • To feel alive, retrieve your inner-self, find a meaning to your life and an harmonious rhythm.

    ...and or anyone who wishes to make their life the accomplishment of their most ambitious dreams!